Replacement Parts – FBI Deluxe


Different Sections of the FBI Deluxe Headset goes as follows and any of the following can be ordered below:

  • Harness – the cable portion with the pins that plug into the side of your radio and the heavy-duty push-to-talk (PTT) button (Select Pin Type for Radio Compatibility)
  • Speaker – connects to the harness and the airtube
  • Airtube with Soft Bud attachment – entire clean section running up and into ear
  • Soft Bud – Extra earbuds

If you need more than one of any item then select the desired quantity.
In case you’d like to order more than one particular part then make your selection and then go back to the same item by clicking on the picture or looking it up again.

Additional information

Replacement Parts

Select Replacement Part Here, Harness – cable w/ pins and PTT – 2 Pin Motorola Style (+$38.99), Harness – cable w/ pins and PTT – 2 Pin Kenwood/RadioBoss Radios (+$38.99), Speaker – inbetween harness & airtube (+$26.99), Airtube + Earbud (+$11.99), Extra Earbud (+$0.99)