FBI Deluxe – 2-wire surveillance kit with replaceable parts


This premium headset is the perfect headset to look the part for all types of security, hosts, and anyone else who wants to appear tech savvy and elite. Thanks to the split chord you can wear the PTT Mic clipped on your chest, lapel, or you can even hold it in your hand. A medium weight chord gives this headset lasting strength. All parts are replaceable. Contact us for more info regarding replacement parts.

Although this headset doesn’t cover your ears like other noise-reducing headsets, it does give you a reception into your inner ear that is extremely helpful in a very noisy environment because it blocks outside noise to the ear it sits inside.

Connectors available for all 2-way radio models
Acoustic Audio Tube
Does not support Voice Activations

Additional information

Headset Connector Style

RadioBoss / Kenwood Business Class (Two Pins), Motorola Business Class (Two Pins)