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Keeping Your Staff Connected With Our Wireless Communication Devices


Experience the RadioBoss Difference

RadioBoss Two-Way Radios sells, rents, and services its own privately manufactured brand of radio communication equipment, headsets, and accessories. This is how we offer you the low prices on business-class products. When you need help call us during working hours and a knowledgeable employee will answer immediately to offer you assistance. If you need to send product in for repair you will experience our industry-leading quickest repair turnaround time and very low repair prices to help you maintain your fleet of radios over time. If we can’t repair it, we replace it for the same fee (certain exclusions apply such as radios physically shattered or water damage that has gone beyond a certain point, among other special cases).

RadioBoss will ensure you find the radio that is right for you by offering a free on-site trial as well as free custom programming to go with your order which we save in our database so that reorders will be seamless. If your two-way radios don’t work for your after you receive your order, rest assured. You may return them in the same condition you got them for a full refund (after 2-3 business days from receipt generally). RadioBoss wants to make sure that every customer is satisfied so call us now.