RadioBoss MAX 9 Watt Digital/Analog UHF Radio


The top performing RadioBoss model two-way radio is the first of its kind, a 9 Watt UHF digital & analog radio capable of 2-slot communication. This radio gives you more power to connect to more floors in your building, more sound, more durability & more features than previously available. Using cutting-edge 2-slot communication, two people on different channels sharing the same frequency can speak simultaneously. Some of the other top features include true 2-slot, private call, GPS, text messaging, all call, single or dual-channel receive (single is standard), and more.

Give this radio a test in an area that needs more than a typical 5 watt radio and you’ll find you can go farther than ever without the use of a repeater. What’s more is that the sound of your voice will be clear and without static when in range. This radio gives the word MAX a whole new purpose.

Limited custom digital/analog programming available free. Any digital radio setup with complex programming will result in an added fee (varies by needs).

Available with built-in bluetooth for $389 ea. Also available in dual band UHF/VHF for $369 ea.


  • Single Charger
  • AC adapter
  • Battery
  • Antenna
  • Belt Clip
  • User Manual