RadioBoss Lite UHF Radio


The newest entry to the RadioBoss family, the RadioBoss Lite is an analog radio that packs a punch considering its small and light stature. This radio is so slim that you can wear it on your shirt with the use of a magnet. An interesting new feature found in this model is a dual Push-To-Talk button. One button is located on the side of the radio and one is located on the front — you can use either.

Plug in your favorite earpiece or speaker mic and use this two-way radio in small to medium size jobs. Great for all sorts of industries like retail, entertainment centers, construction sites, etc.

Unlike our other two-way radios, this radio charges with a power plug that inserts directly into the radio itself (rather than on a charger stand).

Try this radio now at its special introductory price of $119 ea.


  • Charging AC power plug
  • Free Custom Programming
  • Battery
  • Metal Belt Clip
  • Instructions


  • UHF
  • 1.5 Watt
  • 16 Channels
  • Dual PTT Buttons
  • Fixed Antenna


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