The newest radio in the RadioBoss line, the 5-Watt RadioBoss Trek is an affordable digital/analog radio in the higher power tier.  The hidden display on the front of the radio indicates your channel in use, volume, etc. through the outer case as if by magic.  The size is compact but still in the full size range standing at 4 inches height before antenna or knobs.

The Trek has a loud and clear volume and a strong and secure belt clip.  Antenna options are the standard 6″ long antenna and a 4″ stubby version. Choose your antenna size for no extra cost.  We will also program these radios with new programming or to match your existing radios for no extra charge.*

Dimensions: 4″ H x 2.25″ W x 1.38″ D

Your radio comes with a battery and single charger, belt clip, antenna (size of your choice), custom programming, and a 1-year warranty.

Multichargers that fit 6 radios are available for $179 in the charger section of the website.  Audio accessories (headsets/speaker mics) and carrying/waterproof cases of all types are available separately.

*We charge a modest programming fee only for complicated digital programming since it can take a long time to create.  Simpler styles of digital programming are free.