RadioBoss LR Ultra-Compact Radio


The RadioBoss LR is a new style of two-way radio. Normal transmit and receive function of a two-way radio, all in a 4″ package. This tiny radio can be used with a standard RadioBoss/Kenwood 2-pin connector earpiece or headset (earpiece not included).

The LR radio is a 2-Watt UHF radio. With wireless communications up to 1 mile this radio makes communication simpler than ever. Wear your near weightless radio with the included lanyard and metal belt clip. The unit size is comparable to a credit card and the antenna is less than an inch long. Approximately 2 cm deep and 2 inches wide. Other features include adjustable volume.

Note to Customer: The RadioBoss LR is a specialty radio due to its extreme small size. As a result, this is generally a shorter range radio compared to most normal-size models regardless of the 2-watt technology. And although the radio can be heard loud and clear in most settings, this radio is not as efficient in high-noise environments like most other radios models are. There are still many settings in which this radio works wonders like a restaurant, movie theater, retail store, event planning, catering and so much more. Try the radio with confidence as all RadioBoss two-way radio purchases are covered by a 3-day satisfaction guarantee.*

* – RadioBoss satisfaction guarantee is for RadioBoss two-way radios only. Accessories such as earpieces and other items that have been opened or worn are not covered under this guarantee and may only be returned upon RadioBoss’ approval.


  • UHF
  • 2-Watt
  • 99+ Channels
  • Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Included
  • Lanyard
  • Charging Adapter
  • Manual Included


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