RadioBoss 289G or 3308 Rental Package


Call to rent @ 516-694-6000

The radio used for rentals is primarily the RadioBoss 289G (weatherproof, 4 Watt UHF or VHF, 16 Channels, optional alarm and scan) but we can use the RadioBoss 3308 upon request. Ask about custom programming if you need a special setup.

Rentals fees go as follows:

Each radio (comes with single charger, belt clip, and antenna (your choice of 3 styles):
Weekly: $35 Monthly: $100

Multicharger (charges 6 radios at once):
Weekly: $35 Monthly: $80

Earpieces / Headsets (FBI std. headset or Loop):
Weekly: $15 Monthly: $35

You can find the same radio for purchase at the following link:

Call to rent @ 516-694-6000