Radio to PA Bridge For Existing PA (UHF/VHF) – Analog


For customers who already own a PA system. Adapt the existing system to a channel on your two-way radios in addition to the way it already works.

The Radio-To-Intercom Bridge receiver is designed to interface to an existing wired Public Address Intercom system and allow PA or intercom announcements using your Analog two-way radio (digital PA sold separately). Each model can operate on UHF or VHF two-way radios and can work through radio repeaters.

  • Leverage your existing intercom system and radio network.
  • Add a layer of security.
  • Choose which radios can make announcements.
  • Choose which channel activates the PA.
  • Make wireless announcements from anywhere within reach, indoors or outdoors.
  • Simple to install. Programming included.

Wireless technology provides a cost-effective and flexible way to provide Public Address / Mass Notification coverage across your entire facility or to isolated pinpoint locations.

Expand on your existing coverage with additional Loudmouth PA Systems to reach areas you never could before!


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Replace your standard antenna with this extended antenna that you can run 25 feet to an area with better visibility to increase your Loudmouth PA’s range.