FBI Standard Airtube Headset


The standard FBI airtube headset is the lowest-profile and most customizable audio accessory.  If worn incorrectly the user runs the risk of making the headset less comfortable to wear or harder to hear through.    The included rubber bud gets inserted into the ear canal that creates a seal that helps block background sound.  Companies who work around loud speakers need to know about this.  If you don’t need maximum sound isolation, consider checking out the optional bud alternatives like the semi custom earmold and the cushion bud which comes in all different sizes and some consider this more comfortable than the standard FBI bud included with the headset.

FBI headsets are meant to run from the radio to your lapel area where you clip the PTT/microphone.  Then running the cable under one armpit allows you to clip the airtube connector to your neck area.  Make sure to wear the clip toward the opposite side of the body in which you wear your earpiece so the airtube will stay attached to the body rather than dangling loose.

Some replacement parts available.

Additional information

Radio Compatibility

RadioBoss / Kenwood Business Class (2-Pins), Motorola Business Class (2-Pins)